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    US-based tech leaders support Irish business

    Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

    The Irish Technology Leadership group, a San Francisco-based group of technology executives, are eager to lend their support to Ireland’s economy, according to an article in

    John Hartnett, the group’s chair, told the publication that the Irish abroad can play a key role in dealing with the current economic crisis:

    “It’s not just an Irish problem; it’s a  worldwide problem. Ireland needs to reach out to each part of the diaspora that can help it to be successful.”

    The ITLGis comprised of 500 members, all at executive and CEO level. The group is hosting an event in Silicon Valley this month that will bring six firms selected at its “Siclicon Valley comes to Ireland” event in November to meet with senior executives from US-based businesses.

    The ITLG is working with the IDA and Invest NI to better compete in Silicon Valley. The article says:

    Ireland is going to have to compete in a different way. The first thing is to get the brand right,” he argues, by positioning Ireland as a high-value country and an innovator on the leading edge of technology.”Inward investment is hugely imporant, but we must stand on two legs and make Irish companies multi-million firms. Israel ahs 66 companise listed on Nasdaq; Ireland has four. We have got to be able to compete up the food chain and up the value chain. “

    Hartnett also says that the group is encouraging Irish politicians to meet with industry leaders in the valley, and assisting government and educational institutions to understand how to innovate and win business more successfully.

    The ITLG is hosting its Silicon Valley Awards 2009 ceremony on 14 April at Stanford University in California, with Tanaiste Mary Coughlan as keynote speaker.

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