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    Newspaper makes claims of prostitution in Australia

    Monday, August 14th, 2006

    The Sunday Tribune reports that some Irish students have turned to prostitution to fund their travels. The papers claims that brothels across Australia, where prostitution is legal, are hiring Irish women under the age of 25. The paper featured an interview with a student from Galway who said that she turned to prostitution after learning how much money prostitutes made. An agency working with prostitutes, the Scarlet Alliance, said, “We have a lot of girls who come to us for assistance. Some of these girls may have industrial concerns; they may want to improve their work conditions or they could have faced unfair dismissal.? Geraldine Rowley of Irish organisation Ruhama was quoted highlighting the dangers of prostitution.

    Irish homeless in London figures fall

    Monday, August 14th, 2006

    The number of Irish people sleeping rough in central London has fallen to about 100 this year – a figure that said was an all-time low. This is down from 600 in 1999. The figures come from the Simon Homeless Agency, which credits increased Dion funding for the reduction.

    Returning emigrants unaffected by habitual residency requirements?

    Friday, August 11th, 2006

    A report released by the Social Welfare Appeals office highlights several case studies of those affected by the Habitual Residency requirement. All of those cases highlighted were those of immigrants. None of the cases highlighted affected returned emigrants.

    Free travel still under discussion

    Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

    Minister for Transport Seamus Brennan said that the Government was considering the introduction of a free travel scheme for the elderly and the disabled between Ireland and Britain; he made the comments as he revealed that the current peak time restrictions on the use of travel passes for public transport would be lifted. There was apparently no further discussion today on the issue of extending the free travel programme to emigrants.

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