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    Are you an Irish person living abroad, or considering moving abroad? There are many sources of information that can help you with any questions or problems you may encounter.

    In Ireland

    • Crosscare Migrant Project/formerly Emigrant Advice – provides information to intending and returning emigrants. Also publishes a series of useful publications, including books on emigrating to Britain, the USA or Australia, as well as “Returning to Ireland”.

    Outside of Ireland

    United States

    There are two national organisations: Irish Apostolate USA and the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers.


    The Federation of Irish Societies is the national group uniting agencies working with the Irish in Britain. They maintain a list of organisations on their website.


    Irish Chaplaincy
    St. Patrick’s Church
    2 Wellington Street
    Sydney NSW 2026
    Telephone: 02 9365 1195

    Do you need help locating resources in your area? Contact us.