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  • Will Irish-language fashions appeal to emigrants?

    Monday, March 9th, 2009

    Will an upturn in emigration change Irish fashion?  Two English-born, Galway-based sisters believe that it may, according to an article in the Sunday Business Post.

    Theresa and Mary McGovern have launched a website featuring t-shirts with slogans in Irish. The pair moved to Ireland as children when their Cavan-born parents made the move home. Mary had worked in London for eight years before moving to Galway, where she and her sister opened a boutique called Pagan. They began designing t-shirts and hoodies with Irish language slogans, and have now decided to take their business global through a website at, which launches on Tuesday.

    The pair believe that the clothing line’s celebration of a uniquely Irish style may give them an edge in today’s economic climate. “We hope to grow through the recession with our online business. We think emigration will make people more aware and proud of their cultural identity,” Theresa told the newspaper.

    She added, “Our customers have found it a conversation-starter as far away as Tokyo, New York and Sydney.”

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