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  • Irish lawyers heading Down Under

    Irish lawyers who are losing their jobs at home are looking for jobs in Australia, according to The Australian newspaper. The report is one more indicator that the recession has hit at all sectors of society.

    Australian recruiters are reporting that both Irish lawyers and Australian-trained lawyers working in Ireland have been contacting them for work. The article quotes Anna Murphy who moved from London to Melbourne:

    I have friends who are lawyers in Dublin asking me about moving over here and if there are some areas that are easier to move over in than others. Quite a few of my friends have been made redundant and some of them have taken quite serious pay cuts.

    Traditionally it would have been London or even New York but they’re gone so we’re looking at other English-speaking common law jurisdictions.  I think that because there’s so many Australians working in Ireland a lot of people in their late 20s and early 30s would have friends from Australia and have some knowledge of Australia so there’s that tie as well.

    Read the article:
    The Australian: Scores of Irish lawyers hoping to land a job in Oz