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  • Diaspora is ‘Facebook for the nation’, says McWilliams

    Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

    An interesting snippet from David McWilliams on Youtube:

    Absolutely. I think that if you look at the biggest phenomenon of the last few years… has been social networking. This is Facebook for the nation. It’s for the willing. You don’t have to coerce people. It’s not something that’s exclusive…The tribe in an era of services – the Irish and Americans, we’re not going to end up making stuff in the future. In an era of services, the most important thing is soft power…Branding, networking, contacts – all these issues… And if you look at this, what is more evocative than these ancient, ancestral ties, which are real, which are absolutely real? We could put together an extraordinary network of Irish people which would benefit both America and Ireland.

    See the clip.