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    Cork IT group invites returnees

    By admin | December 6, 2006

    A networking organisation for IT professionals in the Cork region, IT@Cork, is offering itself as a tool for returning emigrants to ease their integration back into local industry. The organisation recently published an article entitled “Support for Returning Emigrants” on its website.

    The article addresses how organisations are looking to returning Irish emigrants as a way of address hiring shortages in the IT industry; it also outlines some of the tax benefits that returnees can avail of. It notes that “11% of all ‘High Potential Startup Projects’ funded by Enterprise Ireland were started by returning emigrants”.

    The article concludes with encouragement:

    If you are considering returning home, the employment prospects could not be better. The Irish IT industry is a stable and mature industry, where experience and expertise are rewarded. A number of agencies, both public and private, are there to help you with the transition, whether that be to join an existing company or to assist you in setting up your own company. If you haven’t thought of moving back, maybe now is time to give it some consideration.

    Read the article on the it@Cork website.
    Visit the it@cork website.

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