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    President lauds extension of Centenarian’s Bounty to Irish abroad

    By admin | November 8, 2006

    A strong interest in the centenarian’s bounty was highlighted during a recent members’ conference call with the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers in the US. People who reach their 100th birthday are entitled to an award from the President; the scheme has been extended recently to allow people born in on the island of Ireland but resident outside the state to be eligible. On reaching his or her 100th birthday, the recipient receives a letter of congratulations signed by the president and a cheque for €2,540.

    President McAleese has paid tribute to the success of a scheme’s extension to the Irish abroad. In her most recent newsletter, she says,

    “This year the Centenarian’s Bounty scheme has been extended to Irish centenarians living abroad and I am absolutely delighted to say that already it includes over one hundred centenarians who previously didn’t qualify. Almost half of those live in the USA, one quarter in Northern Ireland, almost another quarter in Great Britain and a small number elsewhere throughout the globe. What a wonderful thing it is for this very successful Ireland to remember in such a real way those who were born and raised in much harder times.”

    Download the application form.

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    One Response to “President lauds extension of Centenarian’s Bounty to Irish abroad”

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