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    Agency reports increase in Australia visas

    By Noreen Bowden | August 20, 2007

    A business that assists would-be migrants to Australia claims that there has been a large jump in the number of workers moving to Australia. spokesperson Barry Dowling told the Irish Independent, “We deal with about 350 applications a month and we probably deal with about half the market for Australia”. The newspaper reports that the company is dealing with an increasing number of construction workers who are looking for jobs as the industry slows down.

    He says that people are leaving for economic and lifestyle reasons. “Most people leaving for Australia are looking for a better standard of living and Australia consistently beats Ireland hands down in terms of both cost and standard of living.”

    Australia is actively encouraging immigration to deal with a skills shortage. The recruitment efforts include efforts to attract a wide range of workers, including medical professionals, cooks, hairdressers, accountants and construction workers.

    The newspaper also reports that the number of students taking up the J-1 visa has also increased substantially.

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