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    DREAM Act goes to US Senate

    By Noreen Bowden | July 16, 2007

    The DREAM Act will be introduced into the Senate this week, as an amendment to the Department of Defence Authorisation bill currently being debated.

     The move follows the defeat of the efforts for comprehensive immigration reform, and demonstrates how immigrant advocates are shifting their efforts to the passage of legislation that will assist immigrants on a more limited basis.

    The DREAM Act would provide a path to legal residency and eventual citizenship for individuals who came to the US as undocumented children; they would need to graduate from high school and continue on to college or military service.

    The Justice for Immigrants group is urging supporters to ring and email their senators. Geri Garvey adds,

    “We expect anti-immigrant groups to spread falsehoods about the DREAM Act and to try to inflame their base to intimidate Senators like they did in the recent Senate debate about immigration reform. But DREAM Act supporters are passionate too. We can and must fight back and match their intensity.”

     Visit these sites for Senate contact information:

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    2 Responses to “DREAM Act goes to US Senate”

    1. ELIANA Says:
      August 1st, 2007 at 3:40 am

      Kids who were brought to this country had no say whether on it. They are stuck in a land that doesnt want them. BUt they have learned to love this land, and many of them are very bright. I include myself. For no fault of my own im supposed to suffer. Being in this country for 15 years of my life and knowing no other land or rules, i have to face the reality that sooner of later i will be also kicked out of the land i love of the land i help of the land that has tought me so much. Im illegal for no fault of my own! Thanks for putting yourselves in our shoes.

    2. an american Says:
      October 20th, 2007 at 8:58 pm

      i understand the feelings of those who dont want the dream act to be in effect but they who go against it need to put themselves in the other side’s shoes. imagine living in a country where there was freedom, whether limited, it was satisfying, now imagine you are in the country and you look around, you are afraid of everyone because they are americans, legal and you are not. but you still say to yourself that i have a family, a life just like them and i need to owork hard. it is true for everyone that everyone is an immigrant. whether it be descendants of past in your family tree, you are still an immigrant becuase someone in your family started your family in this country in order to give the future a better life. now just becuase you got lucky and can go to college with grants and scholarships doesnt mean that the person next to you who may be an immigrant is any less smarter than you are. now dont you think that they also deserve an d education and the right to start a better life for their families and the future generation. why be so ignorant. before shouting out rude remarks about immigrants, put yourself in thier shoes and think about how your life would be. After you have done that, you have the right to speak. That is our country , freedom of speech.