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    First round of senate debate on immigration reform ends

    By Noreen Bowden | May 28, 2007

    The US Senate bill for comprehensive immigration reform survived the first round of debate last week. Debate will resume next week.

    According to Sheila Gleeson of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers, several amendments were defeated on Thursday night. These included:

    • The Coleman amendment, which would have allowed local government officials to inquire about immigration status, was defeated 48-49.
    • The Dorgan amendment, which would have removed the guest worker programme from the bill, was also defeated 48-49.
    • The Sanders amendment, which increased fees for H-1B visas to $5,000, was passed 59-35.
    • The Vitter amendment, which would have prevented legalisation for the undocumented by eliminating the proposed Z visa programme, was defeated 29-66.

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