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    Irish/US abductions the highest rate in world?

    By Noreen Bowden | December 4, 2007

    The London Times has reported that international child abduction between Ireland and the US is a bigger problem than anywhere else in the world. The fact is reported as a small mention in an article on international abductions, “After the breakup, the kidnap”. The article discusses the difficulties faced by parents who split up and see their children taken out of the country by their partners, often emigrants who are returning home. It says the problem is increasing due to the increasing migration, international marriage and divorce.

    Journalist Carol Midgley suggests the high level of intermarriage between the US and Irish citizens is responsible for the levels of Irish/US abductions:

    The highest level of child abduction/return is between the US and Ireland, because of the number of marriages between Irish and American people. The problem is so pronounced that the two countries have a child abduction pact.

    I will try to find more information on this – it seems to cry out for more verification and explanation. It also raises the question of how many of those couples might be both Irish and one wants to return home while the other doesn’t.

    Read the whole article on the London times website.

    See information from the Irish Centre for Parentally Abducted Children on the Citizens Information Database.

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