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    US Embassy encourages J1 applicants

    By admin | February 19, 2007

    The American Embassy in Dublin is campaigning this year to fight the decline in J1 applicants. Numbers of students applying for the programme have dipped since the September 11 attack, reaching a low point in 2004, when only 4,500 applied, down from figures well over 10,000. In 2005 the figure jumped to 6,800, but was down about 1,000 last year.

    This year, US authorities have loosened restrictions. Final year students can participate this year, even if they are not going on to further study, although they do need proof of other alternatives, such as a job offer.

    USIT is finding more students are choosing to go further afield than the traditional destinations of New York and Boston. The agency also found that over half the students who went through their programme last year had jobs before they arrived, with a third having sorted out accommodation. 90% had found somewhere to stay within two weeks of arrival.

    Full report on the Irish Times website (subscription required).
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