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    CSO to include nationality in emigration figures

    By Noreen Bowden | August 21, 2008

    The CSO has said that it is hoping to include the nationality of those emigrating to its annual population reports. Currently, incoming migration figures show nationality, but outflow figures do not.

    The news of the change is included in an Irish Independent report on yesterday’s release of population figures, which showed increasing emigration and an decrease in incoming migrants.  The report also noted that experts expect emigration in continue to increase due to the economic slowdown.

    The inclusion of nationality in emigration statistics is a positive development because currently it is impossible to track emigration patterns accurately: we don’t know how much of the outward flow of migrants are immigrants returning to their home countries, or to a third country, and how many are Irish-born people migrating abroad.

    Ean and the Crosscare Migrant Project had both written to the CSO to ask for nationality statistics to be added to the migration outflow figures.

    Read the report in the Irish Independent.

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