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    DRM samples show reach across Europe

    By Noreen Bowden | March 22, 2008

    Ean believes that radio is an essential component of Ireland’s communication strategy with the Irish abroad. Looking toward the future, digital radio provides the most cost-effective and efficient option for reaching emigrants and Irish citizens in Britain and throughout Europe.

    RTE has been testing the DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) format. The following recordings show the potential of DRM technology for long-distance transmissions to Europe.

    Sample 1: Muenster, Germany

    The following recordings were made in August 2007, as RTE broadcast a DRM signal on its longwave 252 transmitter. These recordings were made in Muenster, Germany.

    (MP3 audio will play in an external media player and may take some time to download)

    Sample 2: Radlett, North London

    This DRM transmission was also via RTE LW 252. This recording was made near Radlett, North London in the UK.
    Recording 1

    The clear sound of these samples across the miles

    For more information on DRM, visit the DRM Consortium website at

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