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    Laid-back New Zealand inspires Irish woman to stay

    By Noreen Bowden | August 6, 2008

    An article on immigrants to New Zealand features the experience of Sam Hill, an Irish woman who says she fell in love with the people and country of New Zealand after travelling there on a whim with a friend. After three months, she realised she had fallen in love with the people and the country and decided to stay for another year, then another, until she ultimately decided to apply for permanent residence.

    The article highlights her difficulties in making it through the immigration process, which she described as ‘a waiting game’, fraught with potential barriers. “But if you want the lifestyle, it’s worth it”, Ms Hill told The Aucklander.

    Ms Hill is so far reluctant to take up citizenship in her new home:

    ‘I need to see what the benefits are and whether I can keep my passport,’ she says. ‘I can already vote, so I don’t know whether it’s worth it. And I want to keep my Irish passport. It brings home that I am Irish, and I always will be.’

    Read the entire article on The Aucklander website.

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