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    Mayo woman lauds welcome from Cleveland Irish

    By Noreen Bowden | October 8, 2008

    The Mayo News has a lovely column this week paying tribute to the Irish community in Cleveland, highlighting the warmth and support of the community that columnist Denise Horan found on a recent visit.

    Ms Horan attended the annual ball of the Mayo society and found a thriving community, heavily populated by the many Achill people who emigrated to the city over the years.

    She pays tribute to the community spirit that exists among the Irish abroad:

    The sense of community that exists among these people is special. They all left home – or were reared on stories of their parents’ leaving – at an early age, and came to Cleveland to make a future for themselves. When they arrived, people like Steve Mulloy, and others before him, assisted countless Mayo people in getting jobs and accommodation. Though their help was life-saving for many raw youngsters, landing fresh from a secluded Mayo village into the middle of a busy US city, they thought nothing of their offering. It was simply something they did.

    She also discusses her impression of the blending of Irish and American cultures that she believes the Mayo people in Ohio have managed:

    These people don’t deny their American existence and its influence on their lives; they marry it with their Irish culture and heritage and allow the two to co-exist happily. In many Irish communities abroad, in the UK in particular, you sense a longing in the voices and a loneliness in the eyes of emigrants. Ireland is still where they want to be.

    Maybe I missed it in the Irish Clevelanders, but it seemed to me that it simply wasn’t there. There is a contentment rather than a longing; they’re happy to be where they are but ever mindful of their home across the Atlantic.

    Read the entire article on the Mayo News website.

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