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    Never too late to emigrate?

    By Noreen Bowden | January 9, 2008

    Here’s one for the record books: a 102-year-old man has decided to begin a new chapter in his life – by emigrating from England to New Zealand. Erik King-Turner has been married for twelve years to his New Zealand-born wife, Doris. The couple, who have been living in Hampshire, met when Doris was researching her family history in England.

    Mr King-Turner said his wife was getting homesick, and that he thought it might be “rather fun to move to New Zealand”, according to a report in the BBC.

    His wife added, “He’s very easy to get on with and he settles down very quickly, so I think he’ll quite enjoy it out there.”

    The couple began their sea journey to their new home last week.

    Read the full report in the BBC.

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