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    New Zealand: Nations, Diasporas, Identities. March 2008

    By Noreen Bowden | January 28, 2008

    Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand will host a conference called “Nations, Diasporas, Identities” from March 27 to 30, 2008.

    The conference will look at the notion of diaspora and identity as set against the backdrop of political and economic events in Scotland and Ireland, as well as increasing assertion of Irish and Scottish identities abroad. In examining the relationships between these issues, organisers ask:

    Do these diasporic identities, however, have any continuing relationship with the identities of the nations to which they are attached? Or are national identities themselves being transformed by feedback from their diaporas? Or are alternative ‘national’ identities developing which may claim to express the same national past but in fact envisage it in very different ways? Should the notion of the ‘nation’ be extended to encompass its diasporas or should it be narrowed down so that it does not exclude those who are themselves immigrants within its boundaries? What is a national history or a national culture in this world of mobile populations?

    For more information, visit the Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies.

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