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    Radio show advises on Australia move

    By Noreen Bowden | August 6, 2008

    The Last Word programme on Today FM carried a feature today on how to emigrate to Australia. The marketing manager of a business called painted a rosy view of moving to Australia, depicting it as a place with good weather, plentiful jobs, cheap housing and a good work-life balance.

    A prospective emigrant was also interviewed, who is planning on moving to Perth with his wife and children, where they will join friends. He has been working but says “with the way the economy is going, I don’t know what the future holds”. He says that his decision to move was initially a lifestyle choice rather than an economic move; they are giving it two years and then will decide whether to move there permanently.

    The representative says that she gives clinics every month, and has found that more people are moving to Australia who have never been there before. “People are prepared to take a chance on it…The culture shock isn’t there”. She added that the schools were good, they speak English, and there is a similar system to recognise trades. She said it was the most popular destination.

    After the interview, the presenter read a text that had come in. “Now we know we’re in the 1980s, promoting emigration”. The presenter said that promoting emigration had not been his intent.

    Hear the programme.

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