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    US opens Diversity Visa application period

    By Noreen Bowden | October 8, 2008

    The United States has opened the application period for diversity visas. The Diversity Visa lottery attracts over 5 million applicants every year for a total of 50,000 permanent visas to the US. Last year, Irish people won around 130 of these visas.

    To apply, interested people should visit This is the only official way to apply for the visa. There are many websites that claim to process applications for a fee. Do not pay any online ‘agency’ website for assistance with the visa – the US State Department does not charge for applying and there is no guarantee that these websites will complete the application.

    The Coalition for Irish Immigration Centers in the US has issued this list of reminders and conditions for applying for the visa:

    • Applications must be submitted electronically and will be accepted only until noon, Eastern Standard Time on December 1.
    • No paper entries will be accepted
    • Requirements for the photos have changed this year: only color photographs will now be accepted and the photo dimensions are now 600 pixels x 600 pixels.
    • Applicants should submit early as heavy demand during the last week may result in delays on the website
    • Fraudulent websites are plentiful; please note that there is no charge to submit an application on the official website
    • Applicants should check with one of the Irish Centers regarding eligibility for the program and for assistance in completing the application
    • This year a new feature will allow applicants to check the status of their application on line
    • It is important to keep the confirmation number from their application receipt so that they can check on line after July 1 2009 to see if they have been selected.
    • Those selected as winners will also be notified by regular mail to the address provided on the online application.

    For assistance with these applications:

    Remember, the only website to use to apply for the visa is the US State Department’s at

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