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    Modern Wine Geese featured in Lyric FM series

    By Noreen Bowden | July 23, 2009

    Of all the tales of Ireland’s contributions to the global economy, those from the wine world may be among the most romantic. A series running this summer on Lyric FM highlights the history of Irish involvement in wine but has a particular focus on Irish people shaping the wine industry today.

    • Episode one takes a look at the history of the wine trade in Ireland, with a visit to Ted Murphy, a wine trade veteran and expert on Ireland’s role in the history of wine.
    • Episode two pays a visit to Jim Concannon, a descendant of an Aran Islands family, who pioneered Southern California’s Livermore Valley, and Jim Barrett, who created the wine that won “The Judgement of Paris in 1976”, a major victory that forever changed the image of Californian wines.
    • Episode three visits Frances Mahoney, who helped modernise Sonoma.
    • Episode four takes a look at the latest wave of “Wine Geese” including a couple who who left Dublin to open an organic vineyard in Dordogne.

    The programmes are available on the Lyric FM website.

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