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    Tech company targets diaspora with iPhone apps

    By Noreen Bowden | July 8, 2009

    Ireland’s first mobile phone application company has found that a global focus with a diaspora slant has helped it achieve sales.

    Mercury Girl Inc has developed several Irish-diaspora oriented products for the iPhone. Their iPub application automatically locates the nearest Irish pub anywhere in the world.  The application has over 3,500 pubs registered, ‘from Mullingar to Miami, from Boston to Bangcock”.

    Additionally, the company also offers free applications that allow the user to listen to TodayFM and Newstalk wherever they are in the world. The company says this is a highly popular service. “We’ve been giving those away for free, but they’ve been doing around 2,500 downloads a day worldwide, which gives some idea of the size of the Irish diaspora”, said entrepreneur Tim Duggan. “We’ve had downloads in Vietnam, in South America and even in Greenland.”

    The company has been approached by an Australian radio group interested in using the technology for their own services.

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