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    Farmleigh Fellowship applications being accepted for Asian business studies

    By Noreen Bowden | September 30, 2010

    I wrote about this Asian fellowship when it was first announced. Now is the time to apply, if you’re a graduate interested in spending a a year studying for a Master’s in Asian Business. It’s a fascinating innovation involving members of the Irish business community based overseas, and it’s an outgrowth of last year’s Global Irish Economic Forum at Farmleigh.

    Here’s the suss, sent to me by Donagh Fitzgerald of the Farmleigh Fellowship Team.

    The Farmleigh Fellowship

    The Farmleigh Fellowship is an innovative and exciting scholarship programme linking Ireland and Asia. We are looking for outstanding individuals with drive and energy to place on a twelve month work-study programme with three months at UCC (School of Asian Studies) in Ireland, four months at NTU (Nanyang Business School) in Singapore (whose MBA programme is ranked No. 3 in Asia-Pacific.) and five months at selected Farmleigh Companies across Asia.

    Your time will be split between generating an actionable Asian business development plan for your sponsoring Farmleigh Company and studying for a Master’s in Asian Business with the entire process mentored and guided by the leading members of the Irish business world in Asia.

    What are the benefits of this programme?

    • First-hand experience of international business in one of the world’s fastest growing regions.
    • A Masters in Asian Business (Level 9) awarded by UCC and delivered in partnership with NTU.
    • Build the networks and close personal relationships which are vital elements in doing business there.
    • Learn the soft as well as the hard skills to thrive in the Asian business world.
    • Have the opportunity to experience high levels of autonomy and responsibility.
    • Accelerate your career development and enhance your long-term professional opportunities.

    Who are the sponsoring companies?

    The sponsoring Farmleigh Companies will either come from Ireland or have strong Irish connections and vary in size from high potential start-ups to multinational corporations. All will have a specific and challenging Asian business development project for their sponsored candidate to complete.

    Who can apply?

    This ground-breaking programme is open to graduates and experienced professionals in all disciplines and who want a life changing opportunity of working and studying in one of the world’s most dynamic regions.

    What costs does the scholarship cover?

    The scholarship covers the cost of tuition at UCC and NTU and one return flight to from Ireland to Singapore. The scholarship does not cover the cost of accommodation in Ireland or Singapore or the candidate’s daily maintenance for the full duration of the programme.

    When can I apply?

    We will be accepting applications from the 23rd of September to the 15th of October.

    How can I find out more?

    If you are ambitious, talented and committed and want a career in international business visit or email

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