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    First Irish history of Missouri available on audio download

    By Noreen Bowden | February 3, 2010

    Following my post mentioning the first history ever written on the Irish of Vermont, I received a note from Mike O’Laughlin, an accomplished Irish-American genealogist and historian, who informed me he’s the author of the first book on the Irish of Missouri.

    Missouri Irish began life as a hardcover but is now available as an audiobook from

    It looks particularly interesting as the history begins in 1770; eighteenth-century Irish immigration to the US is a story too infrequently told. Here are the notes from the table of contents:

    Part One
    1770 – 1804. Irish Settlers in the Spanish Regime…
    Indian Mounds and Tara Hills.
    Immigration…Religious Ties and Conflicts…
    West vs. East …
    The First Irish-American Settlement in the Bois Brule Bottom.

    Part Two
    1804 – 1900. The First Irish Americans
    Pioneer Journalists … Mexican War … Steamboat Irish … Indian War
    …The Famine Irish … Murphy’s Wagon replaced by the
    Railroad … Slavery … Civil War Irish.

    Part Three
    Irish Immigration and Distribution
    Irish Settlements in Missouri … City vs. Farm .. Population by County
    … Irish Settlements …O’Fallon Missouri … Donnybrook …
    Moving on from Missouri

    Part Four
    The Irish in the Cities.
    Saint Louis… Brady & McKnight … O’Connor… Mullanphy ..
    The Kerry Patch … Kansas City…. First Newspaper …
    Father Bernard Donnelly … The first Irish in Kansas City …
    The History of the St. Patricks Day Parade …
    The Shamrock Society … A.O.H. St. Joseph and Buchanan County…
    On the overland trail

    Part Five
    The Irish Wilderness Settlement
    Rev. J.J. Hogan … Lifestyle … Chillicothe … Brookfield … Ripley
    and Oregon Counties … Iron Mountain Railroad.

    Part Six
    My Irish American Heritage.
    The Sullivans, Donahues, Buckleys, Irish American Development.

    I hope that this is a trend and we’ll see histories of the Irish in all fifty states of the US!

    Visit – host Michael O’Loughlin has been working on Irish family history and genealogy since 1978!

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    One Response to “First Irish history of Missouri available on audio download”

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